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As Seen On TVIf all those “get in shape in 30 days” exercise units worked, more people would be in better shape. Face it, to get and stay fit, you gotta put in the time -- doing exercises that are proven to work. But getting in shape is so much faster with the right tools.  

Watch these action-packed internet videos of THERACK® All In One Gym, running through the paces!  

THERACK® All In One Gym.

It’s tough, versatile and portable. It’s the only piece of equipment that takes Old School moves like push-ups, crunches and dips to the next level. All by using your own body weight as primary resistance. No gimmicks. No rubber bands. No quick fixes. The only short-cut about THERACK® is the way its 30 pounds of steel framing easily reconfigures to perform more than 20 legit body-building and strengthening exercises. Allowing you to hit and sculpt 7 different body parts – shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, chest, abs and legs. Even if you’re at the gym every day, you will “feel” THERACK® workout immediately.

There’s nothing like THERACK® at any price. Period. And when you consider that you can spend hundreds of dollars on a single-purpose dip machine alone, the price of this multi-purpose piece of equipment is one of the most impressive things about it.

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